Aaron Pursell Running Two Companies to Help People with Credit Repair and Business Funding

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The first lessons instilled into Aaron Pursell as a child were bordered around financial knowledge. He understood the need to be conservative with his financials alongside saving and investing, but he did not understand the emphasis on having good credit. After obtaining his Political Science degree from California State University Long Beach, Aaron Pursell had every intention of going to Law School but quit his job and within a week to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

In 2016, he started a medical marijuana business in California, but he shut it down after two years because of the lack of capital required to re-enter with the new legal market that was created with the passing of recreational marijuana in California. In his quest for his next venture, he decided to seek knowledge on credit — a process that gave him a much-needed clarity on the subject. While he learned, he discovered how much anybody stood to gain from having a great credit profile and realized that many Americans did not have a good credit score, nor did they know what it entailed. These spurred him to start his two companies: Credit Fundr and Credit Sweepr.

Aaron Pursell’s main calling was to start a company that can help people fix their credit scores and maintain the ones that are good enough. But then, he realized another problem that people were facing, one that he was all too familiar with: lack of funding. The average American who wants to start a business will need to look for investors and venture capitalists to buy into their ideas. Aaron thought this should not be so, and every American should be able to access funds to kick-start their businesses.

Aaron Pursell has worked as a credit expert for two years, and he has made it his core mission to educate people about credit, how to maintain good credit scores, how to fix errors on their credit reports, and how to create wealth. Through his company, Credit Sweepr, Aaron Pursell and his team help clients with poor credit improve their credit through professional credit repair. Many people are clueless about the items on their credit profile, and Credit Sweepr identifies discrepancies and fixes them.

“Once we find anything that is affecting your score negatively, we use our years of experience to legally dispute and remove the items for you. These items can include inquiries, late payments, chargeoffs, collections, etc. People, unfortunately, do not regularly check their credit, and items that are unauthorized can damage the credit score. This is where my team will come in and ensure we take care of you and your credit to get you closer to your financial goals,” Aaron explained.

Credit Fundr, on the other hand, is the company that gives people access to funding for their business and gives them between 12 to 18 months to make returns on their investments without paying any interest. Everything Aaron Pursell is doing with his two companies is geared toward making life easier for others. His approach to credit repair is unique because he does not only help people improve their credit; he also gives them access to funding facilities.

Learn more on the website for CreditFundr and Creditsweepr.

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