Accentuating Natural Beauty at Home with Professional Assistance Has Never Been This Easy

Looking good makes anyone feel good. There are these extra points of confidence whenever someone sees themselves as beautiful or presentable. Some would even go to salons to get a makeover for a special event, such as a birthday or a big presentation in the office. Although being all glammed up is not a natural daily activity, and not everyone has the time to do it. Hence, people tend to resort to places that could offer a long-term natural glow such as SoCal Beauty.

SoCal beauty was founded by Brittani Hamilton Strong in 2014 when she was just 18 years old. She has a passion for business, marketing, and bridging the gap for the cosmetics industry. SoCal aims to make all of its clients feel good about themselves by performing world-class care for lash and brow. The salon also offers massages and airbrush tanning, which are all accompanied by lavish equipment to ensure high-quality output.

After a rough day at work, anyone would deserve some time for pampering to reinvigorate one’s body and mind. Massages are a great way to destress. In SoCal, they have professional therapists that could help release muscle tension through different massage styles. The client will be asked for its preferred technique from Swedish massage to acupressure, as they value the customer’s cup of tea.

Aside from massages, they also performed non-surgical enhancements on some parts of the face. During this pandemic, everyone is wearing masks, and the eyes are the only part of the face seen. Even though the eyes are just a third of the face, it still creates an impact on the one looking. As they always say, the eyes are the window to the soul. Through looking at it, someone can look tired, sleepy, attentive, etc. This quarantine period is the best time to focus on improving that area through enhancements such as lash lifts, lash extensions, and brow lamination and threading.

However, since COVID is still around the corner and going out is not the best option, SoCal made a way to revitalize lashes at home. They pioneered in the creation of designer custom magnetic strip lashes. Appointments are easily created through their website, and it includes a one on one online session via FaceTime or Zoom with SoCal beauty professionals. They will recommend the type of lashes that would suit the clients’ facial features. After doing so, a kit will be delivered containing designer custom magnetic strip lash, designer eyeliner, and stainless steel rose gold applicator. Their team will be guiding the customers for the application process and the aftercare as well. Clients from different places will be able to have tantalizing eyes with minimal effort.

Since Brittani is not just an entrepreneur but also an educator, SoCal also aims to help other artists who are dreaming of venturing into the beauty industry. They provide artist kits with online modules for aspiring and practicing beauty professionals. The kits will provide professionals the option to learn and improve in the comfort of their homes.

For more details about SoCal, visit their official website.