Blest Jones Is Determined To Make It Big and Rise to the Top

Blest Jones is a singer-songwriter born in New York City and raised in Washington, DC. Seemingly charm and grit personified, he never takes anything for granted. Once he sets his eyes on his goal, he knows he’s talented enough to achieve it but still works his hardest to get it. With his desire for his music to be both familiar and unique, he is making sure that his work is a cut above the rest.

Such is evident, as even though working on his music career for a relatively short duration of only two years, he has already amassed an impressive volume of millions of streams on different music platforms like Spotify, Youtube, and Deezer. In his genre of dance and electronic music, his growth as an artist has been in leaps and bounds. He has several collaborations with well-known musicians, including Mickey Valen and Lucian, and he will be making more. He has written songs for Rihanna and Post Malone, who are some of the most prominent artists of this generation. An up-and-coming music idol taking EDM to a whole new level, it’s just a matter of time before Blest’s music hits the top of the charts.

Being a millennial himself, he wants to create music that reflects the world that millennials grew up in. He wants to play around with the sounds and imageries nostalgic to the generation, and convey the concepts and emotions they will be able to relate to. As the themes he perhaps is experiencing himself, he has an inclination to make more music with the themes of youthful love and the journey of self-discovery. As for his involvement in current affairs, he is an advocate for Black Lives Matter. Given that, it surely is just a matter of time before he makes music with that theme as well.

His most popular track by number of streams is titled Looking for Love with hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone. Other title tracks include Pressure and Know You Better, whose stream volume reached the hundreds of thousands as well.

Aside from his collaborations and works with famous characters, he himself has performed in large-scale events. Some stages he performed in are the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC and FedEx Field, Reitz Arena, and Oriole Park in Camden Yards, Maryland.

He also has worked as a model in the past. Gorgeous, charming, and talented, this singer-songwriter/model/actor is a visual and auditory treat. He made the Calvin Klein billboard in Soho on Broadway and is working as an actor on the side while working on his latest album. Some of the films he acted in are set to release soon. Blest is hugely loyal to his ever-growing fan base. With his fans as his inspiration, he hustles to push out more and more 100% original quality content.

Unbeknownst by many, he keeps himself healthy while hustling by playing tennis. Also a sportsman, he is good enough to have played in D1 tennis and have been awarded the All Patriot Player of the week and be acknowledged as the most decorated tennis player and music artist to graduate from Loyola University Maryland, which is a private Jesuit university for liberal arts in Baltimore, Maryland.

You can keep updated and find out more about this talented individual by following his social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok.



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