Brittany Whitaker Hopes to Inspire Aspiring Entrepreneurs Through Her Story of Business Success

Stories have the incredible power to influence thoughts, prompt actions, and change behaviors. They also serve as a medium that one can use to inspire others. Entrepreneur Brittany Whitaker has always appreciated the role stories can play in human interactions.

She would rather listen to people’s raw, unfiltered tales than talk about the weather and any other topics that do not give her insights as to what makes people the way they are. With her attachment to stories, she would inevitably bank on them to motivate others who are looking for success in their respective fields. And as a business owner, she uses stories to talk about the importance of hard work, consistency, and the belief in one’s self.

Brittany’s tale details her journey from farming to dominating Amazon. It all began when, together with her husband, she bought a farm after moving back to northern Nevada. Her husband was a new Veterinary graduate from Washington State, and they made use of his first-year veterinarian salary to plant twenty thousand dollars worth of hayseed.

While watching the wind blow around the farm, Brittany thought about how it was also blowing away their money. This fueled her long-held desire to establish something more sustainable for herself and her family.

Brittany has always had a propensity for entrepreneurship. She loved learning about how businesses are run and what makes them successful. That interest was revived, prompting her to watch a webinar on starting an Amazon business. And with the involvement of her husband and armed with the business pitch she designed after watching the webinar, Brittany went on to establish her new venture.

Focused on providing wholesale products, Brittany’s company works with suppliers who eventually became some of her really good friends. It has expanded to a point where she has needed additional hands on deck, and all of her employees are fully trained to run businesses on their own.

Brittany’s tale of commercial domination would not be complete without the significant takeaways she has pulled from her experience in running a business. One of the most important realizations that she wants to share with others, particularly to stay at home wives and husbands, is the fact that they could still blow away the business industry and bring in an income regardless of their other commitments in life. This is because a business does not care where you are running it from and who is running it. As long as there is dedication, one could lead an enterprise to the top even while sitting in their home kitchen.

Furthermore, Brittany wants to emphasize how integral it is to find out one’s why. In her case, she wanted to be able to pick up her kids from school, be home, work at her own hours, and be her own boss. Only when an aspiring entrepreneur can identify what fuels them are they able to get the engine running.

There are several other words of wisdom that Brittany is ready to disclose to anyone who needs it. And as she continues to expand her business, she looks forward to sharing her story of success with others.

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