Calcium4Bones Making an Impact on the Community Through NFTs

Rickesh Waller
2 min readFeb 1, 2022


The digital space is no stranger to aspiring powerhouses whose ambition is to innovate their respective fields. However, creating revolutionary breakthroughs can be quite daunting. While many individuals and ventures have failed to succeed, Calcium4Bones has managed to rise triumphantly, serving as a genuine attestation that materializing one’s vision is a possible reality.

Calcium4Bones is unlike any other NFT project across the digital space. While some focus only on creating more value for its holders, it highlights the significance of making an impact on the community, consistently serving owners the much-needed push to go above and beyond. By continuing to defy odds, this emerging powerhouse is bound to take the NFT industry by storm.

Although NFTs are a significantly emerging field in the world of cryptocurrency, it has already made waves for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. From enabling holders to improve their financial capabilities to allowing artists to express themselves in the most innovative way, NFTs are slowly revolutionizing the space. Aware of the power that these digital assets hold, Calcium4Bones currently pulls out all the stops to deliver success among its holders worldwide.

Calcium4Bones is a unique collection of 11,155 bones that are living in the Ethereum blockchain. Handcrafted with 300 different traits, it is one of the most varied and edgiest collections across the NFT space. Each Bone has its unique rarity distributed in six different tiers that serve as the holder’s key to the community and the project’s benefits.

Being more than any ordinary project, Calcium4Bones boasts colors that exude creativity, passion, and distinctiveness. Each C4B owner holds access to a wide variety of benefits that not only create more value but also provide opportunities that strengthen their ambition. For this reason, Calcium4Bones is setting the bar high among industry players across the digital space.

Behind this promising project is a team of passion-driven individuals who share the same goal: to create innovative breakthroughs that elevate people and the community to greater heights. Having witnessed a gap in the market, the team at Calcium4Bones has taken it upon themselves to create a project that serves as a launching pad for go-getters across the globe. Thus, C4B has kick-started various initiatives that spark growth, such as Play2Earn games, side collections, upgraded art pieces, and more.

While the industry has become more competitive and entrants have found it more difficult to enter the scene, Calcium4Bones reminds aspiring go-getters and budding hopefuls of the significance of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of success. Through its NFTs, it hopes to launch individuals to greater heights, helping them transform their vision into reality.

The pre-sale of Calcium4Bones NFTs will be on February 7, 2022.