Cheetah Gang Set to Launch on October 20 with Plans to Donate to Animal Welfare

Rickesh Waller
3 min readOct 18, 2021

NFTs have found a way to serve multiple purposes at once beyond the default storage of digital wealth that they were touted to be. This highly awaited NFT, Cheetah Gang, is set to launch and donate 10% of its sales proceeds to animal welfare in its bid to contribute to the welfare of animals going extinct, such as cheetahs.

Cheetah Gang has drummed up significant attention since its creators announced the upcoming launch. It is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs which exist as an ERC-722 token on the Ethereum blockchain. From October 20, 2021, holders will be able to mint the NFT for a price of 0.77 ETH inclusive of gas fees, with each holder allowed to mint a maximum of 7 NFT per order.

With the Cheetah Gang NFT, individuals can own one of the most distinctive pieces of NFT artwork. Each cheetah in the collection boasts more than 150 unique traits that make one piece of NFT different from the other. In addition, they are all digitally hand-drawn using artificial intelligence, showing that the creators employed the latest technology in creating them. As a result, prospective holders stand a chance of owning artwork that allows them to contribute to a good cause while also securing their finances with a worthy investment.

Cheetah Gang’ 8-step milestone highlights all the NFT’s creators’ plans for the collection, which many people have lauded to be impressive and worth being a part of. The diverse team behind the NFT also intend to seek community members’ opinions on which animal welfare to donate the earmarked percentage to while using diversity as a critical factor.

Cheetah Gang is set in 2030 in a world where the cheetahs are slow, clumsy and weak to protect themselves from extinction. The fictional story is one in which they need protection in the Ethereum blockchain, and the holders can only make that possible by minting them and at the same time contribute to the welfare of other animals facing extinction threats. The milestones for the Cheetah Gang span multiple activities, all geared towards one goal — selling out the collection and contributing to animal welfare in the world.

With the website being the only achieved milestone at the moment, plans are in top gear to achieve the remaining milestones, which include the pre-sale launch of the full NFT collection, using funds for marketing campaigns for maximum exposure, giving out exclusive free NFT bonus to all holders, collaborating with other NFT projects to increase the exposure of the Cheetah Gang, donating 5% each to animal welfare and TCG holding community, giving out over 1,000 NFTs to holders on upcoming projects and creating DAO for the community.

The collection hopes to thrive on its fair pricing, full ownership and commercial rights for holders, fair distribution, impeccable artistry that went into its creation and commitment to charity. The team of creators made up of four NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts plan to be at the top of the NFT space in another year, creating more noteworthy projects and participating in worthy causes.

Learn more about Cheetah Gang on the official website.