Chryst Young Returns as Host of Hit Show The Sneaker Game for its Second Season

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Randie Graves, best known as Chryst Young, is a true jack of all trades as he effortlessly excels in every hustle he lands in the entertainment industry. The hip-hop artist, songwriter, and actor generated admiration from fans all over the world with his hosting skills in the television show called The Sneaker Game. Today, as the show moves into its second season, Chryst ensures viewers that they are in for a treat as he remains the voice of the show.

The Sneaker Game is a hit show featuring interviews of famous athletes, sneaker collectors, sneaker store owners, restoration professionals, and insights on some of the most celebrated sneaker conventions in the county. The show embodies the authenticity of the sneaker culture, and for its first season, it was Chryst Young who became the face of the show. The Sneaker Game gained over 1,200,000 streams among audiences, and having Chryst onboard its second season guarantees its success.

Chryst Young is proudly an American artist from Brooklyn, New York. Besides The Sneaker Game, the actor has landed notable roles in film and television. He began treading the entertainment industry in 2011 by launching his web series called A Day in the Lyfe of Chryst, directed by Chuck Holiday. His talent has been recognized by various award-giving bodies, such as the annual Midtown International Theatre Festival held in Times Square, Manhattan, which granted him with the First Place Performance Award in 2014.

Besides hosting The Sneaker Game, Chryst Young had the opportunity of starring in The Ave, directed by Bobby Ashley as Quan. He was also on Blue City by Marcus Reyes, playing the role of E-XL. Additionally, Chryst played Chase Michaelson on Asunder the Series, directed by Landra V. Phillips.

Aside from that, the actor received praise for playing the role of an undercover cop in the famous movie called Blood on the Streets 3. On top of acting, Chryst Young is also the brand ambassador of the bestselling fragrance called RUSH, in collaboration with the company Made Lifestyle Collection.

“Growing up in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY, I wanted to exceed all expectations of what society viewed of me,” said Chyrst Young. “[I] always have been a fan of sneakers from a young age, so once Director Marcus Reyes pitched the idea of the TV show based on sneakerhead culture, I was down,” the actor added.

The success of The Sneaker Game’s first season was unexpected as it gained the hearts of millions of sneakerheads across the country. With its second season, Chryst Young and the team hope to exceed viewers’ expectations and captivate more audiences globally. “With hard work and dedication, I see The Sneaker Game gaining worldwide success. The mission is to become global. It’s a big world outside of New York City,” shared Chryst.

Indeed, New York is merely the beginning. The Sneaker Game will engage international viewers with Chryst Young onboard as its exceptional host from the big apple.

Learn more about Chryst Young on Facebook and Instagram.

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