Cyber Pugs NFT Inviting Dog Lovers to Participate in a Worthy Investment and Cause

Rickesh Waller
2 min readDec 3, 2021


The NFT space has championed itself as a worthy place to be in with the numerous projects and collections launching for everyone to be a part of. The newest introduction is the Cyber Pugs NFT collection, which taps into the consciousness of dog lovers and calls for them to help the fictional Cyber Pugs resettle into their world.

In the fictional world of the Cyber Pugs NFT, the characters have a backstory of existing in a universe that has gone through numerous changes and has thus gone to disarray. The Cyber Pugs were therefore placed in the precarious situation of being banished from the pup world. However, after spending years on barren and inhospitable Scraps Island, the pugs are now making a return to the pup world as a refreshed, renewed, more powerful, technologically advanced and vicious breed.

Cyber Pugs NFT targets teenagers, animal lovers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors. The ultimate goal of the Cyber Pugs project is to help investors make an income while at the same time donating to a good cause, which includes donating to dog charities.

The Cyber Pugs NFT collection boasts some rare features that are set to make them highly coveted and potentially viable. Each Cyber Pugs NFT is uniquely different from the next, and their uniqueness and value vary from one another, just like fingerprints. The collection is also distinct from other NFT collections with the number of traits it has, which are somewhere between 30 and 50. To mint one Cyber Pug NFT, holders need 2 SOL, and 10,000 of these tokens are available for minting.

Outside the impressive features and traits Cyber Pugs NFT boasts, the collection also has an extensive and noteworthy roadmap that takes bettering the world and donating to charity organizations very seriously. The collection will be available for minting on December 12.

Once the collection launches, at 40% of minting, the creators intend to announce the theme song release date, and at 60% of minting, the Cyber Pugs collection will be verified. A comic book for the collection is also in the works and will be released once 80% of the token has been minted. When minting is complete, the Cyber Pugs NFT collection will start producing PugLife merchandise, stickers, clothing, plush pugs, and a host of other surprises for Cyber Pug holders. All merchandise produced will be available for purchase to holders of the NFTs.

To cap its extensive roadmap, a $200,000 giveaway has been earmarked to go to charity once the minting reaches 100%. The creators of the collection take pride in the distinctiveness it possesses and its commitment to a cause that makes the world better.

Learn more about Cyber Pugs on the collection’s website or follow the official social media pages via Instagram and Twitter.