Dan Folger on Building a Jewelry Empire from the Ground Up

If there’s anyone who understands the pains and sacrifices of building a successful business venture from scratch, it’s twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur Dan Folger. He is the founder of The GLD Shop, an up-and-coming brand of jewelry that has spread like wildfire among hip-hop and street culture circles. Today, his jewelry brand is becoming a staple in music circles in many major cities across the country.

Dan began his professional career as an event coverage photographer. He worked with iconic rap artist Wiz Khalifa, who took him under his wing. The young photographer started touring along with the rapper’s crew, shooting events and serving as a documentation specialist. He started working with other recording artists as time went by. Dan has worked with some of the music industry’s most notable personalities like G-Eazy, Rockie Fresh, MMG, and many others.

Dan would move to Los Angeles to begin a career as an entrepreneur in Hollywood from his hometown in Pittsburg. As he continued networking with decision-makers and influencers, he started conceptualizing his business: a brand called The GLD Shop. Dan reconnected with his hometown friend Christian Johnston, and the two hit it off. They did GLD together, starting from Dan’s and Christian’s parents’ basements with an initial $2,000 investment split down the middle. Today, the company has gone a long way since its humble beginnings, operating out of a 20,000 square meter headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The GLD Shop, pronounced as “The Gold Shop,” is a jewelry and apparel brand that aims to make the music-loving and thrill-seeking lifestyle more attainable to millennial go-getters. With a wide variety of high-quality, low-priced jewelry options, clients gain assurance that they’re getting their money’s worth. Their top-shelf pieces start at $899 and compete with the design and standard of other products worth $12,000 in other stores. They also boast a collection of necklaces and other jewelry pieces that can go anywhere between $99 to $129.

Today, Dan and Christian are on their way to closing record-breaking sales. 2020 has turned out to be a good year for them despite global contractions and economic collapses. Dan hopes that their COVID-19 bounce-back performance will inspire other entrepreneurs to persevere through the challenges and find ways to pivot and adapt. “There will be a ton of road bumps to success,” Dan shares. “A lot of times, you will want to quit, but you have to keep going. Taking risks is also very important. Every successful person has taken risks. It’s a must!”

The GLD Shop has created strategic partnerships with various individuals and organizations that give them a stable place in the jewelry market. Artists like ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and Trippie Redd currently serve as brand ambassadors for GLD. The company also has strong ties with companies in the sports industry, such as the NBA, the MBL, and the NFL. Other partnerships include agreements with Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Paul Pogba, and Marvel Comics.

Dan Folger continues to grow as an entrepreneur and take bigger risks that will help him level up his game in the world of music, business, and entrepreneurship. To check out the GLD shop, visit its website and Instagram account.



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