His Way of Magic Remains The Same: It’s All About The Human Connection

Forms of entertainment have greatly evolved throughout the years, especially with the digital revolution that started to advance faster than ever since a few years back. We now consume media differently, and more often than not, it is through our electronic devices where we experience 99% of our entertainment.

The landscape has been rapidly shifting as streaming and digital versions of movies, songs and art emerge, with film and music streaming being the biggest contributor to this change and growth; however, we cannot give the digital era all its flowers when one thing is being heavily compromised: the human connection.

Engagement is now being done with the touch of a screen and a click of a button. It may not be felt every day, but slowly, we are being dehumanized by the lack of social interactions because everything can be done over the internet. It is with this convenience that we compromise the value of socializing. As big forms of entertainment are slowly losing this essential element of human contact, there is one that still sticks with its traditional ways. In all its glory, the art form of magic and illusion still relies on that specific thing we’re losing now in the digital age: it is still about the human connection. And this is what magician and entertainer Thomas Poole uses to stand out.

Thomas labels himself as a performer. There’s no denying his skills; he’s been perfecting his craft every day since he was a kid, practicing day in and day out even today that he’s professionally doing shows all over the US. But one thing that keeps audiences on their feet while experiencing his magic is that he actually studies people’s psychological behavior. To him, studying the audience’s responses is just as important as knowing the mechanics of his tricks and magic. It is with this core principle that makes him not just a good magician, but also a great entertainer.

His love for engaging with people and making sure that they have a great time watching him do his things creates this personal bond between him and the audience. He understands how they react and responds to his every move, making his every presentation unpredictable as it elevates into a new climax. Thomas takes his audience on a trip where they end up questioning reality while being deeply involved in the entertainment. This indescribable feeling of happiness that his audiences feel after witnessing him, making the impossible possible, keeps him fired up to entertain people because it brings out the best in them.

This exceptional value for the human connection brought him success. With an average 5-star rating on all media channels and rave reviews from his past audiences from corporate and private events, Thomas sure gets booked and busy. As he keeps his audiences hooked with his show, he leaves them so impressed that, more often than not, they immediately book him for their next event. This is a testament to his promise of providing his clients with a complete package of fun, entertainment, and personal connection.

To prove that he truly values the human connection, it is Thomas’ goal to always give back to his community. As the Chief Marketing Officer for Magicians on Mission, an Arizona-based non-profit organization, he helps provide entertainment and care packages to active duty military personnel both deployed overseas and serving in the US. His team travels all over the globe to perform for troops who have little to no access to mediums of entertainment, reminding them how their community appreciates their work and sacrifices.

To know more about Thomas Poole and his work, you may visit his website or follow him on Instagram.