Horror Fellas NFT Giving Horror Fans the Experience of an Immersive Horrifying World through Its NFT Collection

Rickesh Waller
3 min readNov 14, 2021


Non-fungible tokens seem to be where all the digital power is now as Horror Fellas NFT is stepping into the ring with something entirely different. The creators have thought out a world where terrifying horror characters, augmented reality, art, and blockchain all work together with social media. It’s truly novel, and the team behind Horror Fellas NFT has expressed profound pride at the work they have done thus far.

Horror Fellas NFT is a collection of scary and frightening images created with stunning quality. However, the NFT collection extends beyond these horror images and the characters in them. It is the first step in a vast roadmap that ends with the launching of an augmented reality (AR) mobile application. The mobile application, once ready, will allow users to take photos and videos with their collected Horror Fellas NFT in AR.

Describing the collection, the creators said: “Our NFT collection is inspired by stories, horror movies and thrillers from the end of the last century. We are avid fans of horror themes and are tired of seeing the trivial and joyful collections on the marketplace. Pixel art and cute animals are not about us! Our artists work day and night to create truly rare and frightening characters for you.”

Horror Fellas NFT will be hosted on the Solana blockchain network, with 10,000 unique Horror Fellas set to be minted once they go live. Each Horror Fella NFT token is unique and algorithmically generated. The creators have declared 10,000 tokens as the limit, after which there will be no further generation of the NFT. This collection is set to attract NFT collectors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, horror fans, augmented reality enthusiasts and Solana NFT collectors.

The NFT takes pride in the high quality of pictures that the creators have designed to evoke fearful emotions in anyone who sees them. This is evident by the social media attention it has gained. Even figures like Arman Izadi have taken notice of the collection, taking to Twitter to express how “scary” it is. Izadi is a prominent NFT enthusiast, with a love for all things art, which he shows in his Instagram account.

In the extensive roadmap for Horror Fellas NFT, different milestones have been earmarked for different stages and what the creators aim to achieve. Once the NFT goes live for minting, the creators intend to distribute profit from royalties for the first month of trading on various marketplaces.

Horror Fellas NFT’s roadmap promises 30% of royalties to marketing and development for the second and third phases of the roadmap. Members of the whitelist are set to receive 50% of the profit, while 20% will be donated to charity. In the second phase, more horrible and creepy characters will be introduced to the collection and the creators will make it possible for two different NFTs to fuse to get a new rare NFT for phase 3. Horror Fellas will also collaborate and partner with other NFT projects on the Solana blockchain.

The third phase of Horror Fellas will develop the augmented reality technology that will bring those NFTs to life on users’ mobile phones. Once minting goes live, users simply need to connect their Solana Sollet or Phantom Wallet to buy into this world of fear.

Learn more about Horror Fellas NFT on its official website or follow the collection on Twitter.