Inspirational Speaker Christopher Morton Refuses to Let His Deafness Stop Him From Achieving His Dreams

People often view others with disabilities very differently. There is an air of stigma around them that others believe makes them incapable of achieving great feats. However, some individuals have shown that is not always the case; among them is Christopher Morton.

Christopher is one of the few deaf inspirational speakers in the world. He had been born prematurely, and from his birth to his teenage years, he suffered multiple abdominal surgeries for gastroschisis. For years he would have frequent central lines, pick-lines, and g-tube replacements.

He would be diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of five due to the hefty amount of antibiotics he obtained over the years. By 14, he underwent a Small Intestine Strictureplasty procedure, prompting frequent visits to the emergency room for NG-Tubes.

Christopher was unable to participate in sports, spending fifteen years on Total Parenteral Nutrition, in order to avoid any unnecessary risks. Unable to join the fun of sports, Christopher, like so many with his condition, felt separated from others. It may have discouraged other people, but he was able to overcome the feeling thanks to his father.

Although they weren’t close, Christopher’s father was always one to push him to his limits. He always challenged Christopher and continuously reminded him that his deafness would never hinder the ability to achieve goals. The lesson that Christopher’s father left him with was that it all boiled down to his attitude.

He began to work towards his dream of becoming an inspirational speaker. Christopher took his first step to that direction in 2018 by moving across the country. He left his family in Pennsylvania, bringing with him whatever essential things he needed that could fit into his 2005 Ford Focus.

While anyone would have thought that he would come home defeated, his decision paid off. Today Christopher has become precisely what he set out to be, giving speeches to audiences from elementary schools, out of state universities, and even public events. When speaking to others, he paints a picture through storytelling. This often helps him connect appropriately with his audience.

In many of the topics that Christopher talks about, he often tries to help people understand that the term ‘disability’ has to be redefined appropriately. People with disabilities often receive the stigma of being incapable of achieving their dreams due to their blindness, muteness, deafness, confinement to a wheelchair, or other cases. It is Christopher’s goal to let others understand that people being different means they need to be treated differently.

His dedication and passion for inspiring people from all walks of life led him to meet thousands of individuals. Christopher is someone that many people can connect with, as he shares a willingness to be vulnerable. He is known to give back to the community, redefining ‘disability’ on a whole new level.

Christopher hopes to find the opportunity to travel internationally so that he can inspire cultures around the world and present himself to deaf children and inspire them to never give up on their dreams.

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