Krista Howard: The Journey to Her DIY Business Empire

Decorating a home and making it more in tune with one’s sense of style does not need to be an expensive endeavor. Many people have turned towards DIY projects to make these adjustments to their homes. For some who are just beginning to dip their toes into the world of DIY, they may be overwhelmed when they begin a new project. Luckily, numerous internet sources serve as guides and inspire different creative projects. Krista Howard is among those who have made it easier for DIY enthusiasts to learn new methods or figure out what to do for specific home projects.

Krista Howard is a DIY home blogger, business owner, and content creator based in Colorado. She specializes in budget-friendly home projects, where she guides other people through an easy to follow approach. She has dedicated her time to help people achieve the beautiful home of their dreams without breaking the bank.

Before she became an established name in the DIY community, Krista Howard built a small business in 2015 to help pay for her husband’s medical bills. She worked full time on her corporate job while she learned how to run a small business. After months of balancing her two worlds, she decided to put more creative effort into the business she built, developing a plan that let her pursue her interest in thrift store furniture restoration and transformations. Eventually, this venture led to the development of her own line of chalky-finish furniture paint.

In November 2016, Krista Howard resigned from her corporate job and became a full-time business owner. Her little DIY business grew into an empire. That year was good for Krista because of how her venture thrived and because it was the year she received the news that her husband was officially cancer-free.

“My business started as a way for us to pay for my husband’s cancer treatment. I am so glad that I was able to turn my love for DIY home projects and furniture transformation into a business that lets me do what I love,” Krista says. Today, Krista continues to share her projects and DIY how-tos on her blog and on Instagram. This successful business owner keeps it real in the stories that she shares. Krista does not shy away from sharing the ugly or more challenging side of her home renovation projects. She knows how intimidating it feels like as a beginner, and she always encourages people to trust in themselves and the process.

Aside from spending her time running a successful business, creating content for her blog and Instagram, and working on projects, Krista Howard likes to give back to the community. She cares deeply for dogs and volunteers at local animal shelters. She and her husband have also fostered several dogs over the years. “I hope one day to start a dog rescue with the money I have earned,” Krista says.

Krista’s journey took her from working a grueling corporate consulting job to working on her passions full-time, surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals. “I want people to know that they have a trusted, experienced resource for all things DIY home projects and decors on a budget,” Krista Howard says.

These days, Krista Howard is more likely to be found styling a room or knocking down walls than analyzing data. For more information on her projects, you can visit her blog or Instagram page.