Luis Corchon Sheds Light on Why He Chose to Chase His Passion Over Stability

Nothing propels a person more towards success than following one’s passion. True enough, some of the most sought-after people in any industry owe much of their success to their willingness to chase their passionate pursuits. Being one of those people who dropped everything to pursue their dreams, Luis Corchon sheds light on why he decided to take down his network security firm to venture into the art and science of film and robotics.

Venturing into something new and unfamiliar can be a risky thing to do. While others find solace in attaining security, comfort, and stability, some individuals go out of their way to chase their dreams and pursue success. And more often than not, those who make it their mission to persevere and achieve their goals are the same people who are destined to reach the peak of triumph. With his tenacious and passionate spirit, Luis Corchon shares how he became a success after leaving the velvet shackles of his past career.

Hailing from the simple and quiet town of Cordoba, Argentina, Luis Corchon always had a knack for going after greatness. He was curious about things, which encouraged him to continuously devote his life to studying and learning. At a young age, one would often see Luis read books and educate himself about topics that interested him. When he was old enough to realize what he wanted in life, his parents knew that he was destined for greater things. They were determined to create a better future, so they packed their bags and moved to the United States to seek a successful life for their talented son.

Pounding the pavement to get to the pinnacles of victory, Luis Corchon took it upon himself to learn the ropes of running a small business. And when he got the hang of it, he began venturing into his first enterprise by opening a network security firm.

Although the network security firm was a well-oiled company run by a founder who is well-versed with technological advancements, Luis Corchon found himself growing more curious about the art of film, photo, and video productions. And as time went by, Luis developed a newfound interest in the craft. With this, he decided to liquidate his tech firm, move to Miami, and start a new life and career in film by founding a video production company.

Because of the success of his cinematic pursuits, Luis was met with a lot of opportunities along the way. One of which is the chance to work with Mark Set Bot.

Mark Set Bot is a robotics company specializing in unmanned aquatic robots. Last year, Luis installed his cameras on the bots and ran trials close to the shore. With all the kinks worked out, Luis is confident in putting his cameras onboard the vessels for the upcoming Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta which features some of the world’s best sailors competing in the waters of Key Biscayne. Luis will be mounting his Sony cameras on the bots, as they are remotely controlled to follow the zigs and zags of the racing sails.

Looking back, Luis Corchon would not have reached where he presently stands had it not been for his vehement determination to chase his passion. Now, as he continues to achieve his goals, he hopes to inspire more people in allowing themselves to go after what they truly desire.