Mary Yuan on Sparking Positive Changes for a Better World

Amidst the chaos, some exceptional people go over and beyond to promote peace, unity, and positive well-being in others’ lives. These are the people who spark hope and ignite transformation despite the odds being pitted against the circumstances. And among those who dedicate themselves in the service of others is a Generation Z author and entrepreneur filled with endless vigor and an optimistic spirit — Mary Yuan.

As someone who aspires to make the world a better place, Mary Yuan has made it her life’s mission to create waves of change by inspiring and motivating others toward positive growth and personal development. But as the world continues to change in the most unexpected ways, it has become difficult for others to cope and adapt. Seeing how this unfortunate circumstance existed for quite some time, Mary Yuan took it upon herself to send a message of hope for those struggling through her online community and an upcoming book.

But before Mary Yuan roots her mission toward providing a platform for people to grow in self-love and healing, she has had her fair share of adversities in the past that shaped her principles today.

Hailing from a city infused with culture and historical prowess, Beijing, China, Mary Yuan was used to a life surrounded by the presence of her family and friends. However, her overwhelming curiosity about life outside the confines of her hometown drove her to create a path of her own by flying across the Pacific Ocean to Atlanta, Georgia. While Mary tried her best to keep her new life worthwhile by completing four years at Emory University and finishing summer internships in New York, the time that she spent away from her family also drove her to rediscover her cultural identity and renew her definition of home. With this newfound direction, Mary was determined to share her growth and experience with the world as a way of helping those who are struggling to believe in the power of creating a new life on their own.

Fueled by her passion for sparking hope onto others, Mary Yuan began her journey of helping similarly-situated individuals by building an online community for expats, travelers, international students, and young adults who struggle with their multicultural identity and coping with new environments. She hopes to help them find a sense of security, purpose, and fulfillment without forgetting who they are. To put it simply, this tight-knit and resourceful network is designed as a support group for people to find fulfillment amid the various challenges they face every day.

On top of that, the community also serves as an avenue where people can learn from Mary Yuan’s experiences and each other through online courses.

But aside from her venture as a Gen Z entrepreneur, Mary Yuan has written a memoir entitled “Where Is Home?” which would take the readers on her journey toward self-healing and finding home after experiencing the tragedy of her parents’ divorce. The book is set to be released along with Mary’s online business around early December of this year.

A random circumstance did not propel this need to publish the book during these trying times. Although Mary is not one of those who are battling the virus on the front lines, she chose to strengthen people through the power of her creative mind and pen. She aims to connect others through her stories in the most meaningful way that brings people closer to a divisive world. Nothing could inspire her more than the fact that her words have the power to enlighten the world, one soul at a time.

Exploring the meaning of home, developing a sense of belonging, and rebuilding broken connections are no easy feats. But with Mary Yuan’s experiences and her mission of sparking changes in others’ lives, she wishes to send a message of hope for those who continue to struggle and strengthen them toward growth.

“Where is Home?” will be released in major bookstores in December 2020, with the hardcover edition and audiobook version narrated by the author herself released in spring 2021. Visit Mary Yuan’s website for updates, and listen to her podcast, “Where is Home?” on Spotify.