Meet the Man Who Is Laying the Foundation for Arizona’s Future Business Leaders

One of the leading business management professionals in Arizona, Ashton Eugene Thomas, is leaving a lasting impact on the state’s future business leaders. Working with several state colleges and universities, Ashton provides guidance for college students who are currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.

Raised in the rural town of Alamosa, Colorado, Ashton grew up being taught to dream big. In the early 1990s, when he was in high school, he started his first business with his cousin — a baseball and football card shop. While the business was short-lived, the experience helped Ashton grow into the entrepreneur he is today.

In 1997, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he took his first big step into making those dreams come true. In Phoenix, he was coached and mentored by several of the most prominent business leaders.

His experience learning under highly-acclaimed professional mentors inspired him to pass their lessons forward. Within his reach, Ashton passes on the message to dream big and work hard. “Life is not guaranteed,” he shares, “visions cannot become reality without that gut instinct that drives you daily to build the future.”

In his career and impact in Arizona’s state colleges and universities, Ashton is known for going against the odds. He is motivated to build, buy, and expand, taking the road not taken. Ashton doesn’t follow his dreams; he builds them from the ground up.

While supporting students taking up a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Ashton is also the Founding Member and Managing Partner of A to Z Security Services, LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Holdings Company, LLC, and A to Z Management Group.

In 2019, he published his first book entitled “Turning Ideas into Profits” and has a second book, “The Power of Inspirational Leadership,” which is due to be published in 2020 with several others in the works. Ashton’s first book has been used as a go-to guide for individuals looking to establish themselves in the world of business. “Turning Ideas into Profits” provides in-depth information and hacks on how to build a business from the ground up.

Years of experience in the field has led Ashton to the realization that wanting something goes hand-in-hand with putting long hours to make it happen. Through his books and his work, Ashton seeks to inspire people to dream big and take chances. As he says, “life is for the taking, but you can’t get it from the sidelines.”

In five years, Ashton sees himself expanding his business presence outside the state of Arizona. By then, he will be pursuing several business opportunities in Southern California and Nevada and widening his reach.

At present, Ashton is working as an author and a business management professional. With a hand in several programs designed to inspire and support students in Arizona, Ashton is instrumental in laying the foundation for the state’s future generations of business leaders.

Learn more about Ashton and his many ventures. To stay updated, visit him at his official website.