Meet the Music Industry’s International Super-Talent Joe Louis

Joe Louis is a rising super producer in the music industry. Since childhood, Joe has been a multifaceted musician. Today, he brings his diversity and flexibility into the mainstream music scene as an international music producer, engineer, songwriter, and entrepreneur.

Joe’s passion for music has been there for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he was dedicated to playing various instruments and learning them by ear. Exhibiting such talent and skills, Joe eventually became a live audio engineer at his parents’ church at the age of 10. That was merely the beginning of his music career.

In college, Joe attended Western Michigan University, where he played for two years on its football team. Still, his passion left a desire in his heart to pursue music. And so, Joe pivoted his education by transferring to Full Sail University to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production. He graduated in 2019 and has been on the track of dominating the music business ever since.

Soon after, Joe relocated to Atlanta and began working with some of the most prominent names in the industry, including the iconic pop band Maroon 5. He has also serviced other major independent creators such as Bando Pop, The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, Stacy Barthe, Hit-boy, Bria Lee, AceBKing, K $upreme, and Mark Battles. Some of the artists Joe has worked with from the international scene are João Marcos from Brazil and Dave Mac from Canada.

Later on, his passion led him to A&R, where he gained experience developing and managing both established and upcoming artists. He also consulted with music platforms and applications. Simultaneously, Joe got the opportunity to work within the radio sector of the industry. Throughout his career, Joe has showcased his versatility and ability to work well with various people coming from different backgrounds.

After spending years learning the ropes as an entrepreneur in the entertainment business, Joe became motivated to build his brand Joe Louis Entertainment. The company focuses on music, film and TV production, as well as digital and live events.

Currently, Joe’s company is partnering with Sosani Agency to become the executive music producer for viral social media personality, AceBKing. “We just recently released his first single that is expected to break the internet,” said Joe. Also, Joe is working closely with JustGold Records, and their artist Bando Pop who is set to release a new single by the end of the year. Joe Louis serves as Bando’s producer, recording and mixing engineer.

Before his company came to fruition, Joe heard many people say that his vision would not be possible. Instead, they told him to pick one specific business area and put all of his focus on it. Nevertheless, instead of letting others confine his goals, Joe used the criticisms to fuel his dreams. With the success that he has amassed today and the countless music legends who would attest to his professionalism, Joe has proven that being a master of various trades is possible.

Indeed, Joe is a universal creator as he continues to make efforts and collaborate with artists from Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Kenya, and South Africa. Without a doubt, his tenacity, talent, and passion will make his brand a worldwide staple and a top-of-mind music mogul for both listeners and artists.

To learn more about Joe Louis, visit his website.