Michael Barbieri Fostering Business-Influencer Relationship Through Waldoo

A major challenge that many brands face is effective marketing, and over the years, influencer marketing has been a top choice for companies and corporations. As a master strategist in marketing, Michael Barbieri noticed a void that must be filled for influencers and businesses that want to connect but haven’t found a way to do so. He decided to create a platform called Waldoo that enables this connection and saves businesses time and effort that they would otherwise have spent looking for the perfect influencer for their business.

Waldoo operates similar to a dating app, but for businesses and influencers to connect and create campaigns. In a very simple process of swiping left and right to like or dislike — influencers, companies, and brands can make a choice by matching with the influencer that they think can help them best. Waldoo also serves as an escrow service that holds the payment due to the influencer for work done. The payment is then released when the influencer has completed the work, and the company confirms the completion on Waldoo.

Beyond connecting influencers with companies, Waldoo also enables a clear line of communication between companies and influencers. It also provides the option for the influencer to submit a marketing proposal, which the business will accept before they can begin work. Since Waldoo began operating, many businesses have leveraged the opportunities it presents. One of the most notable campaigns that Waldoo has helped set up is that of Coinstv.net, a coin company leveraging a TikTok influencer with 600,000 followers. The campaign cost Coinstv.net $250, and it yielded an ROI of 20,000% and grew the company’s email subscription list by more than 3000 subscribers in its first week. It remains one of the most productive collaborations in Waldoo’s brief history.

Waldoo offers a form of fresh air for companies with low budgets looking for an influencer that can grow their business by a reasonable capacity without breaking the bank. Michael Barbieri has been marketing Waldoo to business owners and growing brands who need all the visibility and exposure. Waldoo also saves time, is easy to use, and can boast of helping many companies achieve decent return-on-investment after hiring an influencer from the app.

Waldoo is the first of its kind and is rising to iconic status when it comes to how businesses market themselves and connect with influencers. It works like a dating app and eliminates the process of scheduling a time to meet “ever-busy” influencers. In Michael Barbieri’s words, when describing Waldoo’s mode of operations, “We focus mostly on getting the job done for our clients. They do not have to pay anything until a deal is made, at which point we take a minimal 8% service fee. We are the easiest to use, free to use, and most user-friendly influencers marketing platform in existence.” Waldoo basically provides an easy way out and help businesses achieve their marketing goals more quickly and effectively.

Learn more about Waldoo by checking out the official website. Also, learn more about Michael Barbieri on his Instagram page. http://www.coinstv.net/

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