Net Essential’s CycloTurtles Are Invading the NFT Market With Their Dynamic Attributes

Rickesh Waller
3 min readJan 3, 2022


The digital market has been many things in its brief history, but it was not until 2021 that it finally became part of the mainstream, thanks to the rise of NFTs. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have been making headlines left and right after a slew of digital artworks were sold for millions of dollars in auction houses, not to mention other digital resources being sold for thousands. For the most part, NFTs allow the buying and selling of distinct tokenized digital assets that can range from artworks, photos, animated GIFs, music, videos, and so much more. As its name establishes, these tokens are non-fungible, meaning that it’s unique and cannot be replaced with anything else, just like real-life paintings. NFTs are part of a specific blockchain and are one of the few reasons the digital market has been blowing up, alongside cryptocurrencies. Because of its dynamic growth, the NFT market has seen an increase of brands attempting to enter the sphere with their impressive projects, one of them being Not Essential’s CycloTurtles.

CycloTurtles by Not Essential is a collection of distinct pieces of NFTs, each with elaborate backstories. They contain more than 111 unique attributes and traits that are distributed randomly, including 54 Tesla Coil Shell accessories which, if minted, will give the handler a chance to win one of three Tesla Model 3s, as well as 54 Money Stack Shell accessories which would give the handler a shot at $50,000.

In addition, there are about 15 Not Essential Chain Neckwear attributes that will give its holders exclusive access to a private group with benefits and about 24 Shell Accessory attributes which serve as hidden easter eggs and give the holders a glimpse into the next phase of the Cyclo Verse, a piece of digital real estate where potential holders can meet other NFT and cryptocurrency investors, creatives, celebrities, and hang out in the metaverse. Not Essential has a total of four worlds and four Cyclo Verse portals for the community to chill in, depending on their given mood for the day.

Not Essential has also established the possibility of minting an Exotic CycloTurtle, the rarest NFTs of the collection which has the most distinct background and grants exclusive access to the highest island tier where holders can go as far as rubbing shoulders with certain celebrities, musicians, and get VIT (Very Important Turtle) admission to their music festivals in the metaverse.

According to Not Essential’s phase one of their plans, the CycloTurtle NFTs will bring the community the value of longevity, along with the introduction of the island, forming the basis of gamifying the NFT collections where specific characteristics or traits of the collected CycloTurtle grants access to several island benefits.

Each CycloTurtle is made by an artist who takes pride in his work style, taking inspiration from pop culture and anime. The artist showcases his flair for visual art and his ability to attach lore to cover the four-phase cycles of the Cyclo Verse.

Pre-purchase will be made available soon, and making an OpenSea account will allow holders to view their NFTs. Once minted, holders can do whatever they want with their CycloTurtles in the metaverse, including taking part of Not Essential’s up-and-coming online game.

To learn more about CycloTurtles and the Cyclo Verse, head to their website, Instagram, and Twitter.