RockStar Nova Aims to Change the Narrative for Urban Artists With New Genre Called HipRock

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It’s never easy for an artist to succeed in the industry under one genre of music. But the challenge gets even bigger as one ventures further by creating his own category. For Philadelphia artist JaVon Stukes, best known as Rockstar Nova, merging rock and pop genres together was a risk worth taking.

Although Rockstar Nova was born in Virginia, his love for music reached its peak in Philadelphia. At 12 years old, he discovered his passion for R&B, and it further piqued his interest in becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. At 17, the artist began writing songs with Chris Brown, the music icon who is also a native of his hometown, Tappahannock, VA. After dropping his first mixtape called Kick in the Door at 22, the artist’s career took greater heights. It propelled him as one of the most promising creatives of his generation.

Formerly known as Novaj Flame, Rockstar Nova produced some of the best independent tracks as a rap artist. He has collaborated with Project Pat, E. Ness, Chip, Fetty Wap, Chedda Da Connect, Troy Lanez, and many more throughout his career. Although he was flying high as a rapper, the artist realized that he wanted to create something that would challenge barriers. Hence, his self-created genre, called hiprock, was born.

“I am a brand-new sound out of Philadelphia,” said Rockstar Nova. “I am actually stepping into a new lane and want to show the youth you don’t have to just rap but you can tap into other genres and make it your own,” he added.

Rockstar Nova aims to change the narrative for innovative, urban artists like himself by opening a new door. HipRock is a testament to his bravery and fearlessness as an artist who is not afraid to diverge from the status quo and create his own path. During the first quarter of 2020 alone, the artist released Toxic Love, a track that embodies who he was as an evolved artist. He also released 4 am, Dirty Diana, i95, Animal, Famous, and more. Additionally, the artist creates remixes of some famous songs such as Come Thru and Wake Up Dead.

HipRock combines pop and rock music, two genres that Rockstar Nova admires and is passionate about. Today, under his new name, the artist aims to launch his first project under his created genre. The said project will reach listeners in 2021 and will be entitled Hard Rock Life. It will also be simultaneously launched with other singles in between the release.

With his newfound genre and passion, Rockstar Nova aims to become the first true North Philly rockstar and bring Philadelphia into the global spotlight. He proves that an artist can innovate through various categories. “In less than a year, I see myself on a big stage performing for the whole world to see. I want to be known as the North Philly kid who wasn’t afraid to think out of the box and be a positive influence in changing the narrative and changing people’s lives with my music,” said the artist.

Learn more about Rockstar Nova by listening to his songs on Apple Music and connecting with him on Instagram. Nova has also recently launched for fans to become members, personally chat with the artist & get news on all new releases!!

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