Serial Entrepreneur Inspires Aspirants to Take Control of Their Destiny

It’s one thing to be a successful businessman and another thing to be an entrepreneur with a heart for his community. Serial entrepreneur Ronsanto D. Cole is both. He excels in his business ventures, and he has a genuine heart for reaching out to others who are less fortunate because long before he became a success, he was once in their shoes as well.

In 2014, Ronsanto established his clothing line called Favor Ain’t Fair Clothing. Upon seeing its success and how it captured the market through its innovative products, he was determined to dive into other ventures. “Efficiency, personal engagement, reliability, and phenomenal service are the pillars of my companies,” Ronsanto said. His clothing line was just the first of many. In the following years, he set out to make a name for himself in the service provider and logistics industries.

The 32-year old entrepreneur is currently doing excellently in growing his janitorial company called Pure Elegance Cleaning. He built the company in 2015, and in a short span of 14 months, Ronsanto managed to turn it into a six-figure business. He was able to generate jobs for his community while providing world-class service that is unmatched in the industry to his clients. It grew into an even larger company in 2017.

In 2019, Ronsanto established R.H. Cole Logistics to go into the trucking industry. On top of his businesses, the entrepreneur is also known for his effective mentorship on aspiring entrepreneurs. As a business coach and consultant, Ronsanto wants young professionals and business associates to know that they can achieve whatever they put their minds into.

Ronsanto has gone through many trials and tribulations in his journey to becoming a renowned entrepreneur. Through his difficulties, he learned how to handle multiple client demographics and the urban business landscape. He has also dealt with prominent Fortune 500 companies. His immense success in various fields gave him the opportunity to be featured across different platforms for his expertise in entrepreneurship, self-help, and motivational speaking.

The entrepreneur is also an avid philanthropist. Driven by his own experiences growing up, Ronsanto gives back to his community in ways where he sees he can be of help. This includes mentoring at-risk youth and helping the homeless reintegrate back into society. He connects with them at a deep level because he was once in their situation. The entrepreneur did not grow up with a golden spoon. He had to go through many adversities to become the man that he is today.

In 2021, Ronsanto plans on releasing his autobiography to tackle the things he had to go through before reaching his success. His upbringing involved many unimaginable tragedies, and he wants to share it with the world to become an inspiration through his book. Ronsanto also included a detailed account of his experience as a near-murder victim after returning home from his freshman year in college.

The book will also tackle self-help tactics he learned from his journey, and Ronsanto hopes that it will let his readers know that there is a way out of their situation. He became a serial entrepreneur to be more powerful over his decisions and destiny. Ronsanto wants to share his adversities with people who share the same struggles to let them know that they, too, are capable of carving their path.

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