SoCal Beauty Creates a New Product to Revolutionize the Beauty Industry

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SoCal Beauty is a lash salon based in Orange County that has found a way to expand its reach at a time when the world was on lockdown. The pandemic brought severe implications for businesses worldwide as many businesses had to shut down their doors or shut down operations permanently. The worst-hit industries are those that render personal/physical services like the salon industry. Despite the uncertainty, SoCal Beauty’s founder, Brittani Hamilton Strong, has taken the opportunity to develop a new product to keep lash artists in business without inhibitions.

Brittani Hamilton Strong reminisces the devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it. In her words, “It was not enough that we adhered to the highest safety and sanitation practices. We were bound to comply with the pandemic rules to keep everyone safe. But at the same time, we also had to make sure our clients didn’t feel abandoned. So I got creative and worked out a way to serve our clients from a safe distance by developing the Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes by SoCal Beauty.” This innovative product that SoCal Beauty developed is the first of its kind in the industry.

This product involves an initial virtual consultation between clients and their lash artists to determine what type of lash would work best for them. After the virtual consultation, the lash artist then creates personalized lash extension sets for their client within hours of virtual consultation. The entire process is contactless, stress-free, and just as effective as walking into the salon physically.

SoCal Beauty did not only create an adaptable solution to help lash artists and salons survive the pandemic. The product will undoubtedly remain in full force after the pandemic. “We have created a new innovative way of delivering professional lash extensions. I am so excited about this. This is just the beginning,” Brittani says.

With these virtual consultations, lash salons can expand their services beyond their local area. It also reduces stress for clients as they do not need to make time to visit the salon to fix their lashes. Brittani hopes that someday, her new product becomes a global product for the beauty industry. SoCal Beauty has also created a section on its official website for lash artists who want to create their own designer lashes to resell.

Brittani Strong has created new ways to keep making money, not just for herself but also for every lash artist worldwide. Many professionals have attested to how much this new way of doing their work has saved their businesses from collapse. SoCal Beauty has been the key to helping hundreds of lash artists stay in business and retain their customers.

With the Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes by SoCal Beauty, SoCal Beauty has strengthened its brand. It is positioning itself to become an industry leader while conquering new grounds across the United States and the global market. Brittani has applied for the patent, and it is still pending application.

Learn more about SoCal Beauty on the Instagram page or visit the official website.

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