SPUME Makes a Grandstand on the Ethereum Blockchain as a Holder-owned NFT Marketplace

Rickesh Waller
3 min readFeb 3, 2022


Non-fungible tokens have gained a strong footing with their rise and growth in the digital world. With the Metaverse gradually taking shape, this digital innovation seems to have a place in the future of the digital world. As more projects keep making it to the fore and digital enthusiasts keep looking for worthy projects to invest in, new project SPUME NFT is simplifying the advancements in blockchain technology and giving token holders a piece of the revenue generated from the marketplace’s transaction fees.

SPUME NFT thrives on the exchange of goods and services and aims to implement a marketplace that is owned by the holders. The platform aims to give back the power to people by sharing some of the dividends. SPUME as a platform for the exchange of goods and services will no longer give corporations all the returns. Stakeholders now have a say in how the market works and can fully be a part of the marketplace system.

As a first-of-its-kind platform offering a fully decentralized community-owned NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network, SPUME aims to create an inclusive ecosystem where everyone can create, buy, sell and trade their own NFTs across multiple networks on the blockchain technology. According to its whitepaper, the team behind the project said: “From an educated and strategically analytical outlook, we anticipate global adoption of NFTs by the mainstream population — including those who currently lack knowledge or involvement in the cryptocurrency industry.” This implies that digital enthusiasts interested in NFTs now have a better way to transfer and receive their tokens.

The arrival of SPUME to the scene is primarily associated with the boom in the attention that NFTs have received over the last year. The success of many NFT projects spurred SPUME’s creators to make the platform all-inclusive for creators, investors and stakeholders to enjoy the utility that an efficient NFT project offers on Web 3.0. On operational standards, SPUME aims to file OpenSea with NFTs-ERC721 and ERC1155. The platform will launch with initial features like bidding and buying NFTs, creating NFT collections under a single contract and buying and auctioning NFTs. “We have a proposed enhanced categorization design that allows for the expansion of the NFT space itself. It encompasses everything from music to social justice. AWe hope to introduce tokenized utility features to pop culture and a modern audience,” a spokesperson for the project said.

In addition, SPUME has a tokenomics that contains a hundred million tokens which allow more trading pairs during exchange transactions. The SPUME token is an implementation of Open Zeppelin’s standard ERC20 token with its snapshot class that allows the organization to take snapshots of current token holders at any time. The project’s DAO is governed by a smart contract that gives shareholders full power to make decisions.