Sterin Law Provides Top Legal Counsel to Victims of Negligence

Rickesh Waller
3 min readOct 10, 2020

Getting into accidents due to the negligence of others can be challenging circumstances. Beyond the medical challenges, there are also the legal aspects of a case that can cause unnecessary stress to already distressed victims. Yet in times of great challenge, Sterin Law has proven to be a helping hand in cases including personal injury accidents, worker’s compensation, and lemon law.

Sterin Law is an exemplary practice worth emulating. Beyond their strategic approach to legal cases, their drive and commitment to genuinely care about all their clients are unparalleled. The firm’s founder is Pavel Sterin, an entrepreneurial genius who would find his calling and passion in law practice.

Born to immigrant parents, Pavel moved to the United States back in 1991 from Belarus. Even from a young age, he showed a knack for business. Pavel would flip items for a profit, selling everything he could including magazines, basketball tickets, shoes, electric hoverboards, and anything that had an immediate demand. He would start Stars and Stripes Academics, a tutoring company that taught math and English to first to twelfth graders, and Ticket Nation, a ticket resale company.

Yet a mishap that led to his father’s unlawful arrest would turn Pavel to the practice of law. Caught in the middle of his employer’s scandal, the family struggled to find a good lawyer due to financial constraints. They would also have run-ins with incompetent lawyers that interpreted the situation and the law poorly. Charges against Pavel’s father would soon be dropped, but it was then that Pavel understood the urgency of good law practice.

So Pavel Sterin would get a law degree and dedicate his life to helping those who face great injustice. Today, he runs a prestigious law firm, Sterin Law. He has become the recipient of many awards, including the Lawyers of Distinction Award for 2019 and 2020, the Lifetime Achievement Award, Top 40 Lawyers Under 40 Recognition, the 2020 Litigator of the Year Award, the Top 100 Attorneys in Personal Injury Law, and many others.

Sterin Law devotes most of its effort and time toward civil litigation, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and lemon law cases. They have helped people who were victims of car collisions, work accidents, and other mishaps. Their clients have received over 1 million dollars in insurance company settlements in his first year alone. Today, the law firm helps people from their two headquarters: one in Encino and another in Van Nuys, California.

Beyond all else, Pavel Sterin believes in the importance of providing clients with high-quality customer service. At Sterin Law, everyone receives ample attention, making them feel highly valued and listened to. Pavel himself takes time to get involved in client concerns and provides his insight and strategy into getting due compensation for accident cases.

“I think the most important part of being an attorney is communicating with your clients,” shares Pavel. “I see too many client attorney nightmare stories where everything could have been different if the attorney just made themselves more available and updated their client. I take each case personally no matter if it’s a minimum case or a 6 or 7 figure case.” At Sterin Law, every client receives the time and attention from their attorneys, not just because it’s their job but because they genuinely care.

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