Success Starts Within: Entrepreneur and Business Expert Brings Personal Growth to a Whole New Level

Working endless hours and taking many risks, people are getting hooked on starting their own companies. Indeed, the scintillating entrepreneurial landscape is gilded with success.

But while building a business from scratch is an immensely rewarding pursuit, people should also be just as invested in building themselves. In other words, personal development should go hand in hand with entrepreneurial development.

With the vision of sparking a revolution in the world of personal growth and development, Joseph Martinez harnessed his passion and unleashed it by creating one of the leading companies in the industry — iX Global. And regarded as a go-getter with a magnetic personality, it comes as no surprise that this visionary has won over thousands of like-minded individuals. But behind the overarching greatness he emanates, the CEO keeps himself grounded with his humble beginnings.

Born in a small farming community in Northern New Mexico, Joseph grew up in an environment he could barely call home. And at a young age, he already found himself hard-pressed with what he considered to be the biggest challenge of his life — getting orphaned.

When he was only nine years old, he lost his mother due to the negligence of a reckless drunk driver. And just when the young lad thought that things could not get any worse, his father got killed a year later. So with both his parents gone, he no longer had any pillars to lean on. As such, he began spiraling down the dark pits of grief until he hit rock bottom.

Wallowing in despair and not knowing where to go, Joseph decided to take one step forward to give himself a headstart. And out of this faint sense of determination, he joined the Marine Corps. After that, he had to be on active duty for five long years in Iraq and was later promoted to a higher rank.

With the said promotion, Joseph’s eyes were opened to the world of leadership and personal development. This awakening became the reckoning point where everything started to make sense again. And soon enough, he began the pursuit of his purpose in life.

Ten years later, Joseph realized that his mission is to use his past experiences as a source of inspiration to those who struggled just as he did; thus, he created iX Global.

The company is well-regarded as a broad self-betterment and financial management platform for entrepreneurs and global influencers. Moreover, it takes pride in producing some of the world’s best content that is specifically crafted to maximize any business owner’s potential. And with no less than the best mentors, iX Global provides innovative solutions through its cutting-edge technology.

Hinging on development and growth, iX Global believes that improvement should be two-pronged — professional and personal. Thus, in the hustle and bustle of corporate life, one should not forget to look within.

To know more about Joseph Martinez and iX Global, you may visit their website and Instagram page.