“The Grail” by Nemo Intelligere Brings “The Last Supper” to Life

Leonardo da Vinci is widely known as the most celebrated artist of all time. His reputation and influence are so widespread that his two most famous works — the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper — are commonly recognized by its name and upon sight, even by viewers without an inclination for the fine arts.

Nemo Intelligere is a true renaissance mind living in modern times. With a massive amount of respect and admiration for da Vinci, the birth of his life’s most exceptional work began in the form of divine inspiration. The process lasted an arduous nine months, and the masterpiece, titled The Grail, came to be in 2019 as an immaculate and captivating depiction of The Last Supper as a life-sized sculpture.

The Grail captures every minute detail of da Vinci’s work, with subtle changes in detail that signify purpose. It graces an entire wall with golden figures sculpted with characteristics and traits of the characters in the original painting. Stepping into the same room as The Grail is a surreal experience and evokes the awestruck feeling of being graced by the presence of Jesus Christ and the Apostles as they had their last supper together.

Making the entire space an element of the masterpiece was done to honor the original, as The Last Supper rests on a dedicated wall in Milano. Nemo saw it fit that The Grail mirror that in a similar fashion.

Nemo draws parallels with Leonardo da Vinci; they both began their careers as apprentices to other artists. It was only in February 2019 that this “Nobody No-one No1” was pressing clay in his hands — clay that later on will become his life’s masterpiece, waiting to be painted in gold. Formerly an apprentice, and now a master artist by his own merit, he made history as his work is the first of its kind. Today, the purpose of his art is to provide an understanding of the divine relationship of humankind with the core of creation.

As a working artist, The Last Supper was da Vinci’s first solo work, making it the perfect piece to commemorate his life and work. The Grail was sold at an unnamed amount and currently resides in a private collection in Connecticut. However, it is rumored to be valued at five hundred thousand US dollars in honor of the 500th year mark since Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519.

Nemo’s passion for da Vinci is not just because of his admiration for another artist. His interest extends beyond the art world and far into ancient times. He considers him to be far more than just an artist, and the mystery of that is what draws him to the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. He immerses himself in research on the controversial The da Vinci Code and has been able to share his findings with physicists and polymaths. The information was even utilized by researchers exploring da Vinci and his associations with mysteries of ancient Egyptian origin.

Art is not a result; it is a journey. The Grail is currently considered to be Nemo Intelligere’s best work of art and his greatest pride. Still, there will be far more works that he will create in his lifetime — works that will captivate the hearts of art aficionados and the general public. While the experience of physically being present with The Grail is incomparable, you may view his work on his website.