This Consulting Company Is Helping Thousands Improve Their Financial Status Amid the Pandemic

These are lean financial times brought by the coronavirus. Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, businesses have had to either shut down or transition to home offices and online platforms. Many people have been laid off or are earning less than what they were making before.

Pesa Financial, from the Swahili word ‘pesa,’ which means money, is a consulting company run by Bo Wealth and Hue Seth. The young African American entrepreneurs are walking investment success stories, using a 10K credit, and turning it into a whopping seven-figure amount. From serial entrepreneurs to wealth strategists, they seek to improve the credit scores of individuals across the United States.

The credit score, or more often called the FICO score, in the US, is what third parties use in deciding whether or not to lend money to an individual. The score is used by major credit agencies to assess the so-called creditworthiness of a person. The FICO score is calculated based on payment history, debt burden, length of history, types of credit, and recent credit searches.

Out of all its factors, the score is more largely dependent on payment history. The payment history tracks a person’s record of on-time payment and how he/she handles debts. A low FICO score would imply lower chances of being approved for a loan.

With the pandemic raging outdoors, the average American’s finances are most likely at risk. At a time where physical shops are scarce, and only those who can go online are afforded work, loans will be made and applied for. Rated as the number one referred credit repair firm for the financial services industry, Pesa Financial is dedicated to offering its clients the best credit repair solutions. Their services extend for loan professionals in Auto, B2B Lending, Commercial Industries, Mortgage, and Real Estate, to name a few.

Aside from helping clients achieve better credit scores, the company is also geared towards assisting their clients in starting and improving businesses. With the loss of jobs and the shutdown of physical shops, several individuals have decided to start their own business. Through the company’s systems in the market, their clients are given access to 150K in funding at 0% to invest in their business and achieve exponential returns.

Pesa Financial’s team of reputable, FICO-certified credit experts and professionals are committed to working on behalf of their clients and removing negative items in the credit reports working with all three bureaus. Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are the three national credit bureaus. The FICO score is based on consumer credit files from these bureaus, and, as each bureau may contain varying credit information, the score might change depending on which bureau submits information to generate the score.

As of June 27, 2020, Pesa Financial has earned 84,769 points this year alone. The company ensures efficient solutions with only 35 days, on average, needed to see the first set of results. At a financially trying time where loan applications are higher than average, the consulting company reviews credit reports, analyzes information, and submits solutions to improve scores.

For more information on Pesa Financial’s efforts in helping clients in the United States better their credit score and on how to reach the firm, visit its official website. Pesa Financial is also available through its Instagram account.