This Veteran Fosters the Dreams of Budding Hip-Hop Artists

Many young rap artists dream of rising to stardom and performing in the spotlight, but not all of them are given the opportunity to. It is not a far cry to say that the most straightforward part of being a music artist is making the music; it is in the promotion and finding collaborators that most get stuck. In the past, this could have meant the end of a music career that never even took off. In the current time of technology and popularity of social media, there are more platforms where budding artists can showcase their work. Still, rising to stardom will be made more achievable if the artist had the network and proper connections.

TheRapTrade is a company born of the passion for music of Stacy Frazier, a hip-hop enthusiast and Navy veteran born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. Upon getting honorably discharged and settling back in civilian life in 2012, he discovered many gifted young boys and girls who dream of being big but have limited ways of sharing their talents to the world. Stacy had a passion for rapping but personally was not inclined to be in the spotlight. Inspired by artists continuing to hustle for their dreams of stardom, he had massive respect for them and hoped to help them make it in the industry.

The company was a long time in the making. Right at the start, Stacy grew up with a Southern Baptist preacher as his father and a gospel singer as his mother. He was exposed to music and grew to love it at a young age. His love for music evolved from gospel music to all the various genres once he discovered the endless possibilities for self-expression. He then eventually settled on hip-hop. He realized that to pursue his dreams of building a career in music, he would need to leave Aiken to make enough money for it. He enlisted in the Navy at 18 years of age, but his heart was always with hip-hop.

His service to the country gave him the financial stability that allowed him to purchase modern record technology. Still, he knew that he could not do both at the same time and he eventually would have to choose between his passion or the Navy. He left the navy to pursue a career in music, but he realized that in the music industry, no one was going to make it alone. With that in mind, TheRapTrade was created in Washington, DC.

Going with the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” he set out to build a thriving community coming together in love with self-expression and hip-hop. Through this network of enthusiasts, highly capable individuals, and prospective collaborators, TheRapTrade intends to shine a spotlight on the most promising young artists and guide them through the industry by removing their barriers to success.

Today, TheRapTrade primarily caters to budding hip-hop artists, with specific attention to rap music. Given that the company was made out of love for music and not just as a business opportunity, various new artists are promoted on its website and Instagram page at no cost at all. TheRapTrade hopes to help more dreamers achieve their goals through their platform.

To find out more about TheRapTrade and their community of hip-hop enthusiasts, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.