Totally MOM-Sense by Rupal Srivastava Is Becoming a Globally Trusted Parenting Resource

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The arrival of a new baby is a wondrous occasion that brings joy to the family, especially to the parents themselves, and for the first few days, life is filled with a heady rush. A few months later, the exploratory baby requires constant vigilance. About a year after the baby’s arrival, the little tot is already toddling around, causing trouble whenever mom and dad’s eyes leave him. Totally MOM-Sense is a parenting blog by Rupal Srivastava, which documents her journey as a new mom and shares numerous resources that make parenting somewhat easier.

Keeping toddlers engaged poses a massive challenge for moms everywhere. Still, this parenting platform provides a wealth of ideas on activities for the little ones and other information that is extremely useful for moms in all stages of motherhood — from breastfeeding to postpartum healing, and even for those with older children. With a plethora of helpful positive parenting tips, new mothers are given the opportunity to enjoy their motherhood journey to the fullest.

Totally MOM-Sense doubles as a lifestyle platform where Rupal Srivastava shares her everyday motherhood moments, stylish home decor, delicious recipes she uses to maintain her healthy lifestyle, and her passion for fashion. She shares her love for fashion on her various social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, which has a combined following of nearly 70,000 plus. In addition, the parenting and lifestyle blogger takes pride in detailed articles on a wide variety of subjects for parenting and kids, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

These blog articles are intensively researched to provide accurate information, and there are over 250 of them on the website. Another activity Rupal Srivastava enjoys is creating printables and email courses, with creative ideas such as printables for kid routines, toy rotations, hospital bag checklists, and many more like these.

The birth of Totally MOM-Sense came soon after Rupal’s new bundle of joy arrived and changed her life in October 2017. Before that, she had worked with Fortune 500 companies for eight years as a mechanical research engineer, the research skills she honed from which she now uses to create detailed and well-researched parenting articles that have helped over 70,000 blog followers of Totally MOM-Sense across the globe.

When the blog began, Rupal Srivastava did not expect that it would gain so much traction from fellow moms. Mom had come forward and expressed their appreciation for the help they get from it, and the blogger felt an immense sense of fulfillment that had been lacking in her previous job. Today, with the massive success of Totally MOM-Sense, she is teasing the brand for the release of something exciting that will help kids remain occupied with educational activities, which is something that many parents have been struggling with.

The blog has brought numerous opportunities for Rupal Srivastava, including features on Influencive and Thrive Global, collaborations with Nickelodeon and Disney Junior, and food collaborations with known and trusted brands like BJ’s, Kraft Heinz for coming up with healthy fusion recipes and many more like these.

Totally MOM-Sense is growing to become one of the biggest parenting resources on the internet, essentially functioning like a trusted parenting wiki. Learn more about the blog on this website. You can also connect with the blogger on her social platforms where she shares her everyday motherhood moments and many helpful tips with her readers daily: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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