vEmpire: Introducing a Brand-New NFT Project in the Expanding Metaverse

Rickesh Waller
3 min readDec 3, 2021


Non-fungible tokens are a way to create and trade customized digital assets on blockchains with no central authority. Unlike fungibility, which operates through centralized exchanges like Coinbase or Bitfinex, NFTs can be freely traded between users within the Community of an instance, making them more liquid than ever before!

The emerging NFT known as vEmpire believes there is a pressing need to ensure decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) remain Legitimately Decentralized. At the growth rate, they’re experiencing influxes of all sorts of communities over recent years; it can be difficult deciding which ones will stay true to decentralization and not become another centralized entity in this quickly changing world we live in today!

NFT collectors, holders and investors should get the profit they deserve. The unique design of vEmpire is poised to shake things up a little bit in order for this very important concern about blockchain today to shine through with clarity as it relates both positively AND negatively towards crypto projects at large which may seem centralized over time due to NFT’s popularity/popularity along these lines.

The Community’s main intention? Ensure that people who put their money out into an investment receive what was promised from said project

Most recently, the center application for this virtual token has been its trading card NFTs that gives a strength boost to other cards in their current online play-to-earn game. The company looks to launch its new game next two weeks, prompting people to wait so they can get it when released, further proving how powerful earning power of these types of games are and what lengths companies will go through just because someone wants something bad enough!

For those at vEmpire, this new world is the future of technology and digital interactions. Accordingly, they have taken steps forward in becoming leaders regarding metaverse applications; specifically, their vEMP token, which currently has over 172 million active users worldwide but can still grow exponentially by day as it’s only just begun!

The total market cap for all things Metaverse-related sits around 75 Million Dollars right now, with one circulating token worth 5 cents per unit. “There is no better time to join the NFT frenzy than now.”

“Not only does our collection and cards look awesome and are hand-painted. They also have actual utility within our play to earn games. Players will almost certainly earn back every cent they spent on the NFTs with the long-term advantage it will bring them in our game. For this reason, and because the crypto and NFT market are very short-sighted, once the utility and advantage are realized, they will undoubtedly rise in value.”

Leading the vEmpire team and making the initiative a possibility is Dominic Ryder, the founder and CEO of vEmpire, a stockbroker turned blockchain crypto enthusiast. Alongside him is COO and Co-founder, Mike Ryder, who, before coming aboard the vEmpire train, was already invested in gaming and creating interactive solutions for his clients; therefore, leveraging on his experience, he was able to contribute greatly to the project, thus, making vEmpire an original project.

Learn more about vEmpire and the unique play-to-earn feature via their website and Discord server.